Love Whipped Coffee

By Cheffano   •   Jan 18, 2020

Whipped Coffee is the new love in these days, it is sweet, sticky, and delicious. It’s really easy to make it at home and tastes specially amazing. You only need three ingredients (instant coffee, granulated sugar, and water) to make whipped coffee, which is then often spooned over milk and ice to complete this delicious treat.


  • 2 spoons hot water

  • 2 spoons instant coffee

  • 2 spoons granulated sugar

  • 250ml dairy or non-dairy milk

  • few piece of ice

How to make it?

1. Combine sugar, water and instant coffee in a large bowl. Using a whisk accessory with hand blender or hand mixer, starting with low speed and gradually increasing to high, beat mixture until stiff peaks are formed, about 5 minutes.

2. Fill the cups with milk and add ice cube.

3. Put on top with a couple scoops of whipped coffee. Stir and enjoy.

It’s so easy to make it at home. Once stirred the whipped coffee into the milk it tasted just like a coffee milkshake! You can also change the instant coffee to espresso, whipped and put it on top of the hot milk. It’s so great. let’s serve and enjoy!