Question: Is this meat grinder very useful and easy to clean?

Answer: Yes. The set up of this meat grinder is very easy and perfect for making meat balls/burger/sausage/pasta. Cleaning is also very simple. All parts of the main body can be disassemble, combine that is very convenient and handy to clean. But please attention : dishwasher unavailable!


Question: Can I wash the metal parts in a dishwasher?

Answer: No, it can not be wahsed by dishwasher.


Question:  Can this also grind softer bones, such as chicken, rabbit or small game birds? I need a meat grinder for making cat food.

Answer: All meat grinders on market cannot grind bones. You can separate the meat from the bones, and then use the meat grinder to grind the meat. This meat grinder is with good quality, and many customers buy it for making cat and dog food.